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1.Complement of CEO

We, KOWON Co., Ltd have been doing our best with continuous innovation under
the creative mind and spirit that we can convert crisis into opportunity since we started business in 1980.

As a specialized company in the field of petrochemical industry,
we have made our effort consistently in order to contribute to the growth of petrochemical
industry in cooperation with domestic and foreign campanies under the attitude of "Costomer First".

We promise to create and bring a total satisfaction to our current and future costomer based on trust and cooperation.

Sang-Cho Park

2. Introduction

We are a leading trading company, which has made a great deal of contribution to various field of Korean chemical industry since 1980.

At the initial stage of the company, we started supplying chemical products for textile and petrochemical industry
which have been leading parts of development in Korean chemical industry.

We have earned an internatiol reputation for marketing and sales of raw meterial and additives for chemical industry and expanded our
business to paint, lubricant & fuel, plasticizer, plastic resin, and fine chemical industry in cooperation with customers and producers.

Our mission is to become a premier international marketing and distribution company achieving the highest customer satisfaction.

From now on, we will try harder to offer more profit and better service to our customers as a will.

3. Brief History

ㆍEstablished in 1980 as sales representative of major chemical companies
Amoco Chemical – PTA, PIB, PAO
(Merged by BP in 1999 under name of BP-Amoco Chemical and became BP Chemicals)
ㆍSales Representative Agreement with Amoco Polymer - Engineering Plastics in 1986
ㆍSales Representative Agreement with Amoco Chemical – NDC in 1992
ㆍSales Representative Agreement with Afton Chemicals (formerly Ethyl Corp.)
Lube & Fuel Additives in 1993 ㆍSales Representative Agreement with AGIC(now MGC) – PIA in 1993
ㆍAgency agreement with local chemical suppliers – DMT, PA, DOP, CHDM from 1994 ~
ㆍConsulting agreement with Chemmatch in 2001
ㆍStarted dealing Formosa PIA from 2014